About Us

Cold Hammer Forging Equipment

 The product of a multi-year investment of time and energy on the part of its founders to create a family owned business, SAND Hammer Forging, Inc. proudly manufactures Cold Hammer Forged rifle barrel blanks and high quality barrels  from start to finish in house at competitive prices.  

Stan Wyrembak, co-owner and co-founder, is an electrical engineer with a specialization in automatization.  He has been in the business of rebuilding and selling of equipment and parts for the wire & cable, plastics manufacturing, plastics recycling, and defense industries for 25 years. 

Dustin Freer, co-founder, was recently the owner of an equipment brokerage company aimed at providing high quality used equipment to a broad range of customers around the country. 

Together, they spent extensive time working closely with specialists from both GFM in Austria and AGFM in the USA to rebuild and outfit a Cold Hammer Forging machine capable of holding up to the high tolerances and manufacturing requirements of the precision rifle barrel industry.  Maintaining a strict adherence to quality and precision in the rebuilding of its equipment, assures customers that SAND Hammer Forging, Inc. cold hammer forged rifle barrels and blanks are always of the highest quality and precision.

SAND Hammer Forging, Inc. is now even more conveniently located inYoungsville, North Carolina and ready to meet the growing demand for its products in a new, larger facility!